Work-Life Integration Through Realistic Wellness – The Clip Show

Executive Summary

In TV-land, when a show’s creators need a break or have writer’s block, they create a “clip show”.  The clip show is a “new” episode constructed mostly of clips from earlier episodes.  They’re usually tied together by some theme that provides a good reason to remember past events. This post is the blog version of a clip show.

I am creating this clip show, not because of writer’s block (much to your chagrin, I have quite the backlog of planned posts); but because I am coming off an unusually hectic series of weeks.   But first the clip show setup, the theme…

Realistic Wellness

L4’s raison d’être is to research viable techniques for busy people to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Realistic wellness is a concept that recognizes that no matter how much we prioritize our own personal health, most of us don’t have endless time and resources. Our jobs, our families, our communities all compete for a limited supply.

Over the course of the last several months, I offered a number of ideas that may be worth trying to get you closer to your personal vision for health.  Here is a quick summary with links to the original posts:

  1. How to include more physical activity into your daily routine
  2. How to gain time and lose fat with one small but not insignificant change in your eating pattern
  3. Increasing your metabolism by embracing cold weather (or cold showers): BATman and Mr. Freeze
  4. Compressing your workout time when you DO exercise: Don’t Waste Your Time Exercising
  5. Increasing your fat burning mechanism by making a slight adjustment to your daily routine: Modest Proposal for Fat Burning

If you adopted all of the above strategies, you would be well on your way to a healthier version of you.  But the likelihood of all of them working for you is not very, ahem, realistic.  I know this.  I bet you could adopt 1 or 2 though.  Or maybe just hearing about them gives you an idea of something else you could do.  If you think of anything, please let me know.

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