The Absence of Disease is not the Same as Good Health

In preparation for delivering a Live Long Lead Long (4L) product, I’ve been thinking through the various pieces (dimensions) that make up the entire health pie.  After looking at the many alternatives I’ve settled on the depicted Wheel of Health from Duke Integrative Medicine.  This is the model we will be using in the IHCPT class so for my own learning, I’ll stick to it. It’s also where I got the subject line for this post.  While I may have a question about what health is, I’m pretty clear on what it’s not

Why is this relevant?  As part of the 4L offering, I’ll start to include bona fide health content in this blog.  This will supplement the usual opining about my existential crisis as I follow this long transition into coach.  I can organize my posts so you can easily find the subjects that interest you (once I add the search function).  But now that I’ve settled on the Wheel (WoH!), I can start posting WoH! content and categorize it in deference to the WordPress gods.

The wheel isn’t perfect.  I’d like to, for example, see a segment about safety (<–crowd-sourcing a better term for this).  Sure, some aspects of safety can fit in existing realms on the wheel (e.g. Physical Environment), but some don’t clearly fit anywhere.  For example, where would you put financial security?  It is well known that lack of control in one’s personal finances is a leading cause of stress.  And stress is a leading contributor to poor health. So on occasion I may go off the Wheel to discuss 4L content.

Cutting to the Chase:

  1. Usable content on how to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle coming soon!
  2. Interested in your thoughts on where you would put “safety” on the wheel and/or what a better term for this aspect of health may be.
  3. Interested in your own health situation.  What aspects of health do you feel you have the best in hand?  What aspects do you want help with?
  4. Why do I have the Grateful Dead’s Wheel stuck in my head?

2 thoughts on “The Absence of Disease is not the Same as Good Health

  1. A discussion on what is safety is needed. This fear (need to be safe) may be different for all of us. Just like our own definition of health.

  2. Good point. I need to research that one a little. Right now it’s a vague notion to me. I’ll add that to the list of to-dos.

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