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It’s Alive! – A Karma Sense Eating Plan Book Update

Executive Summary

In case you haven’t noticed, The Karma Sense Eating Plan is now available for sale. This is an uncharacteristically short post that covers all the salient points.

How to Buy The Karma Sense Eating Plan

You can buy The Karma Sense Eating Plan from Amazon by clicking on the button below.

Standard Edition
(black and white)
Special Edition
Kindle Edition

The Karma Sense Eating Plan includes a lot of images many of which are best viewed in full color. However, full-color printing is more expensive than black and white. Therefore, there are three versions available for purchase.

  1. A Special Edition in full color
  2. A black and white edition
  3. A Kindle edition

They all contain the same information but only the Special Edition presents the plan the way in which I intended. Each edition is sold at the minimum price that Amazon allows without me forfeiting royalties. Keeping in mind that I donate all profits associated with the sale of The Karma Sense Eating to charities that fight poverty and hunger, this book is a great value.

How to Track the Book’s Contributions to Fighting Poverty and Hunger

The finances for The Karma Sense Eating Plan are an open book and the profits are overseen by a board of advisors who ensure we maximize the impact of the money we donate. You can learn more about where we stand financially and the board at this link.

How You Can Help

If you already bought the book either through Amazon or through the crowdfunding campaign, thank you. If you would like to help further advance The Karma Sense Eating Plan’s meet its mission of making everyone healthier, happier, and oh yeah, saving the world, please consider any of the following:

  1. Write a review of the book on Amazon.
  2. Recommend the book in person and via social media to everyone you know.
  3. Donate directly to The Karma Sense Eating Plan through the PayPal button below. Your donation accelerates our path to profitability and our ability to donate to charity.

My Personal Karma Sense Eating Plan and an Update on its Charitable Donations

Longtime readers of the L4 blog know that I am following my own implementation of a Karma Sense Eating Plan that includes my reserving $5 per day that I save by skipping breakfast and donating it to charity. In a recent post, I gave readers an opportunity to select the charity.

The votes are in and the winning charity is Community Members Interested. Community Members Interested is rebuilding the education infrastructure in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Thank you for helping this worthy cause. You can learn more about Community Members here.

You can learn more about Community Members here. To learn more about my personal plan, this link is a good start.

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