Coaching the Chasm – Week Two of Beta Testing GOQii Fitness Tracker With Integrated Coaching – Part 1

Executive Summary Did you ever have one of those flashes of brilliance (at least you thought it was brilliant) in which seemingly unrelated cogent observations converge into one cohesive mega-observation only […]

Week One of Beta Testing GOQII Fitness Tracker with Integrated Coaching

Executive Summary As reported in Wearable Fitness Trackers – A Chicken and Egg Problem That is Solved with Coaching, I am beta testing the GOQii band fitness tracker.  This post includes my first impressions of the entire […]

Re-entry – Commence Second Sprint – I’m Going To Need a Better Heat Shield

Work-Life Balance Integration.  That’s the phrase that symbolizes my personal journey to contentment and serenity.   It’s what my health coaching clients can expect when we work together to navigate the competing priorities that constantly […]