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The Decision – A Karma Sense Eating Plan Update

Executive Summary

Fear not Cleveland Cavaliers fans. The title of this post, “The Decision” is not my attempt to kick LeBron while you’re down. I love you eastern Ohio and as you should expect by now, my reference is to a much geekier version of The Decision, The Animorphs‘. The Animorphs is a young adult science fiction series. As an old adult, I’m “aged out” from knowing anything about it. Fortunately, I had young adults living with me who gave me cover.

Animorphs, The Decision
Animorphs, The Decision


The Animorphs are a group of high school students who can morph into different creatures. They use their powers to fight a surreptitious alien invasion. In The Decision, they need to make some tough choices in order to save the world from certain Yeerk (bad guy) doom. My pending decisions also involve some morphing, but they won’t really affect the fate of the world. Except for those that directly influence the Karma Sense Eating Plan, which as you may know, makes you healthier, happier, and oh yeah, saves the world. So let’s get into it with this Karma Sense Eating Plan mid-week update.

A Mantra #3 Decision

I’m a member of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)  co-op. With my CSA, I buy a share of the crops from a collective of farms for an upcoming growing season. Each week I get a delivery of the week’s output. That delivery is a figurative cornucopia of vegetables. It would be a literal cornucopia if only the actual cornucopia came with it. Although, these days, according to Merriam-Webster, literal means both figurative and literal. Go figure.

Anyway, the great thing about the CSA is that it allows me to honor all aspects of the Karma Sense Eating Plan in one action. The whole concept of directly supporting a local farm is very Karma-centric. Furthermore, they use the proceeds from those of us who are better off to help feed hungry people. Having such a direct line of sight to the source of my food honors the connection we try to make in the Sense ComponentAnd of course with my delivery of vegetables it’s easy to conform to mantra #3 of the Eating component, Eat More Vegetables and Fruits.

It’s also fun. Since I never know what I’m going to get, it’s like a Karma Sensible version of the show Chopped. Unfortunately, this time of year they always include this escapee from Z-Space (which I believe is Animorph for alien world):


I’ve tried everything with it. Cooked, raw, it’s all the same. Not even the mantra #3Eat More Vegetables and Fruits roasting trick can save it. It’s not that it’s bad. It’s just that it isn’t good. Somehow or other I’ll have to morph it into something because I will not throw it out. Let me know if you have a trick that works.

Speaking of Mantra #3

This article from The Hill talks about a report from the federally appointed Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee who said that a diet lower in animal-based foods is not only healthier, but has less of an environmental impact. People who read the post on mantra #3 are familiar with my support of this statement. But that’s not even the most interesting part of the article.

To me, the most interesting thing is exemplified by this quote from the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association spokesperson, Kristina Butts (real name). “When you talk about the lens of the dietary guidelines it’s just not appropriate for the advisory committee to enter that conversation when they were asked to look at nutrition and health science.”

And the escalation begins. I discuss this dynamic of the different food and health special interests in the upcoming post on mantra #4, Eat Whole Food Carbohydrates After Vigorous Exercise. I may need to elaborate further for Mantra #5, Eat Good Fats Daily and Get a Balance of the Different Types of Good Fats as it is even more relevant there.

A Mantra #4 Decision

The write-up for mantra #4,  Eat Whole Food Carbohydrates After Vigorous Exercise is in the can and ready to be posted this weekend. It is almost twice as long as a typical L4 post and 30% longer than what I’ve been averaging in the KSEP series. I’ve considered breaking it up into two parts like I did with the Sense component, but I just don’t think it flows as well. So more than likely I will not morph it into two parts. But I welcome your input on this. Regardless of what I decide, this is relevant to a decision discussed later in this post.

A Davey H 2.0 Decision

Ever since graduating from the Duke Integrative Health Coach Foundation program, I’ve had a pending decision to make and I’m running out of time. There is a follow-up course coming up and it begins in August. I need to decide whether I’ll sign up soon. I’m not required to take this class to practice as a Health Coach, but it will enhance my skills and might be better for my business.

On the other hand, participating now and morphing back into a student will make my V1.0 life more challenging. It also is inextricably tied to another decision I need to make…

A Karma Sense Decision

When I came up with the idea for the Karma Sense Eating Plan, I did not dream that it would be as involved as it is. I never expected to get the positive feedback I’ve received. And, although I know my writing can be long-winded, I never expected it to generate so much content. If the Karma Sense Eating Plan were a book, I’d have well over 100 pages written and I’m not done. What that tells me is that KSEP is not well suited for the blog format. My decision for Mantra #4 above is proof of that.

So I have decided to morph into an author. I’ll post the next 2 mantras on this blog to complete the description of the Eating component. I’ll also post a description of the Plan component which will tie everything together. At that point, I’ll stop posting on KSEP and focus my attention on the Karma Sense book.

There is a lot I can and will do to support a published version. I want to include real-life stories, recipes, and practical and detailed plans for those with specific goals or conditions. I envision a quick reference card that can guide people on the fly. I have a whole host of ideas including how to get it published and how to make me a better student for the next level of coaching class, as described above in A Davey H 2.0 Decision. And most importantly, any profit from the book will be donated to charity so I can, you know, help save the world.

Because this will consume a lot of time and because I still am focusing on the success of my v1.0 job, some things have to be put off. While working on the book I’ll continue to blog but will cut down the frequency. I’ll continue to coach but maintain the current volume (I do have one slot still open if interested).

I also will likely defer enrolling in the advanced Health Coach class until next year. That’s the toughest decision of them all. If I can pull things together on the publishing aspect of the book, I may change my mind but the time commitment will remain an issue. Furthermore, as I said, I think that my plan for how to complete the book will actually make me a better student when I do pick up the class.

However things play out, I think a wellness plan that respects your values, your goals, and your lifestyle is a winning idea. Especially if it makes you healthier, happier, and oh yeah, saves the world.

The next post in the Karma Sense Eating Plan will come out this weekend and cover mantra #4,Eat Whole Food Carbohydrates After Vigorous Exercise. Don’t be late. I’d hate for you to get detention.

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