Nutrition Coaching


Karma Sense Wellness nutrition coaching  is for people who already know they want to eat better and are looking for advice on what to do next.  The process is heavily steeped in Precision Nutrition's innovative nutritional coaching techniques. It is a research-backed method that partners with you to build a lifelong nutrition plan. Not some cookie-cutter assembly of eat-this-not-that lists, but a personalized plan that recognizes your lifestyle, current health, and future health vision.

Our Karma Sense Wellness nutrition coaching includes an education component so you can manage your nutrition for the rest of your life. It can help anyone from the nutrition novice who just wants to eat healthier to the elite athlete looking to achieve better performance. 


Nutrition Laser Coach

A two-session package that focuses on the immediate changes you can make in your diet that will have the greatest impact.

Nutrition Coaching Complete

A six-session food, diet, and nutrition focused coaching package for when you want support to keep you focused, motivated, educated and moving forward towards your goals.

Nutrition Coaching Enhanced

A twelve-session food, diet, and nutrition focused coaching package for when your support needs include an especially complex or challenging goal.

Karma Sense Boot Camp

A two-day comprehensive personal program that helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle within the constraints and boundaries of your own lifestyle. ContactForPrice
  • All one-on-one coaching services are available either face-to-face or through telephone/internet.
  • Pricing does not include travel expenses.
  • Discounts available based on financial need thanks to generous grants by private donors. Contact us to qualify.
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