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Between your doctor, the headlines, the government, and celebrity fitness experts, there’s no shortage of advice on the subject of your health. And don’t forget that drug companies and food conglomerates also have a stake. The most frustrating part is they rarely agree and their opinions keep changing.

The Karma Sense Eating Plan cuts through all the noise. It’s a guide to wellness that works for you regardless of your goals, tastes, lifestyle, or schedule. It respects you as an individual and gives practical advice that’s easy to swallow.

With its playful presentation of behavior and nutrition science, The Karma Sense Eating Plan combines techniques to make you healthier, happier, and to make the world a better place. But it doesn’t stop there. This book provides you all the tools and resources you need to improve your life on your own terms.

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Plenty of personality…along with a superb graphic sense. Hellman’s passion becomes infectious, and his idea to link mindful eating to acts of kindness remains a heartwarming, inspired concept. — Kirkus Reviews.
Kirkus Reviews
Davey H.'s well organized and thorough plan makes perfect sense from the biological, psychological and humanitarian standpoint. This book is a fun read, the graphics and side stories about Karma, Sense, Eating, Plan connect all the puzzle pieces together to make it a life changing and sustainable plan to improve our health and happiness.
Ileana T. Rodriguez, 25 yr veteran science teacher 
Having spent the last thirty-two years immersed in all aspects of the health and wellness sector and as a fellow Integrative Health Coach, I found The Karma Sense Eating Plan refreshing, informative, practical and really fun to read! In his book "Davey H" teaches and entertains at the same time, providing valuable information about a way of eating and thinking that could change your life forever.
Jackie Oken, MEd, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Owner of Unified Health Coaching .....Coaching for a healthy Balance.
The Karma Sense Eating Plan by Dave Hellman is a fascinating, well-researched common sense approach to healthy eating that is more than just a diet, but a modification of lifestyle.
Andrew Potash, MD, Cardiologist
I was somewhere near page 100 when I put the book down for the first time. It's extremely readable and entertaining. The information is robust but presented in easy-to-remember ways (his love of graphs comes thru as helpful AND fun). It's also clearly well-researched. The novelty is in helping you to understand the key principles of healthy eating while leaving you room to do it in a way that will work for you - and in helping us to look at food as a holistic ritual of appreciation, healthful consumption, goodwill and conscientious stewardship of our planet.
kdislandgirl on March 21, 2016
I loved this book. Very straight forward and common sense plan with some very good advice that goes beyond just food. No fad diets, just well researched and fundamentally sound basics that you can actually implement. The author keeps it light with lots of graphics and cultural references and is funny as hell - makes it an easy read
The Karma Sense Eating Plan was a captivating read. It drew me in, making it impossible to put down. Davey H (the author) is engaging, informative, and very funny. He has assembled a realistic plan that may be adopted by anyone. This stands next to Thrive as one of my two favorite books this year.
Most healthy lifestyle and "diet" books load you up with information on how you should change your life to fit their plan. Not only does this book make incorporating healthy food choices into your life part of a reflective and fun process (Rick Astley?!), all the proceeds go to charity!
Sallie T.
I did start your book and it is really cool and well-written, almost as if written by an educated ghost writer. I now disavow any compliment that I just gave.
Real Anonymous Quote From Former Friend
Hellman, an Integrated Health Coach, constantly pokes fun at himself and effortlessly weaves in pop culture references spanning the decades. His zany writing style keeps you fully engaged and the full-color illustrations and authentic or doctored photos work well to break up the text and tables.