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Everywhere you look, you're getting advice on how to optimize your health. Often, that swirl of information conflicts. Sometimes it's wrong. And you never really know about some of the wackier stuff. The good news is that facts and common sense prevail. And when you combine these two powerful tools with your innate drive to make the world a better place, common sense becomes Karma Sense.

Karma Sense services include a full range of offerings to make you healthier, happier, and save the world.


DIY Karma Sense

Get your copy of The Karma Sense Eating Plan now and become healthier and happier at your own pace. I donate All profits from the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan to charities that fight poverty and hunger. Learn more about our donation process here. DIYKSEPPrices

Karma Sense Mini

When you want a little extra support beyond the guidance in The Karma Sense Eating Plan book. This two session coaching package gives you the extra support you need to be happier and healthier on your own terms.

Karma Sense Complete

A six-session coaching package for when you want support to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward towards your goals.

Karma Sense Enhanced

A twelve-session coaching package for working on complex and more challenging health and happiness goals.

Karma Sense Live

An immersive, interactive presentation of The Karma Sense Eating Plan experience customized to your group's needs. Excellent opportunity to move groups of 6 or more towards greater personal health and happiness. A fun and entertaining way to learn more about the major tenets of the plan and optimal use of its support tools. ContactForPrice

Mindful Eating Workshop

An interactive and engaging experience for groups to rediscover the joys of eating with mindful intent. ContactForPrice

Karma Sense Boot Camp

A two-day comprehensive personal program that helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle within the constraints and boundaries of your own lifestyle. ContactForPrice
  • All one-on-one coaching services are available either face-to-face or through telephone/internet.
  • Pricing does not include travel expenses.
  • Discounts available based on financial need thanks to generous grants by private donors. Contact us to qualify.
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