What A Long Strange Trip ISBN – A Karma Sense Book Update

Executive Summary

We’re less than eight weeks from the launch of The Karma Sense Eating Plan and we just keep on truckin’. This post is an update on what’s happening with the book.

Cover Design

I posted the preview of the front cover a few weeks ago. Famed graphic artist Richard Demler is now working on the back cover and spine. To be fair, the ball is in my court. He’s got the design done but I need to fill it up with text and the other stuff that traditionally goes on a back cover.


The third edit cycle is complete and the fourth and final is underway. I expect that to complete within two weeks.

Formatting and Pagination

Although I could outsource formatting and pagination, I plan on taking this on myself. I’m hoping that twenty years of developing software for the graphic arts industry will prevent this tedious task from overwhelming me. I can always outsource it if things get rough but I want to keep costs down so I can maximize the book’s contribution to charity.

I hoped I could release the hardcopy and eBook version simultaneously. I now think that won’t be possible. As I learn more about the limitations of mobi and epub formats, I see that I’ll need to focus on the electronic and print versions separately. I decided to prioritize the print version because none of the kind people who pre-ordered the book requested the electronic version. I will send them a full featured PDF at the time I release the print version. For now, pre-ordering is the only way to get the PDF version.

Another slight snag is that I always intended to offer both a full color and black and white print version. Admittedly, there isn’t a stand-out benefit to the color version but since a significant portion of the content first became available for display via this blog, there is a lot of color content. As I start to play with monochrome versions I can see that some of the graphics and images don’t print well. I plan on having this fixed in time for the launch.

Regardless, if technology allows, all people who preordered will get full-color versions of the book. In some cases there are page restriction when doing print-on-demand in color and a book as comprehensive as The Karma Sense Eating Plan may exceed those limits. If you didn’t pre-order the book but still want a copy (and believe me, you want a copy), you’ll have the choice of ordering either version from the purveyor(s) I finally select.


I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll have to redo this step once I complete the pagination process. I don’t think Microsoft Word did me any favors here. There are two snags. First of all, when you tell Word to mark every instance of a term, it seems like it doesn’t bother marking duplicates on the same page—not very helpful if you have to repaginate. Secondly, now that I can see the first pass of the index, I see that I’ll want to reorganize some terms and this is something else that Word doesn’t make easy. A lesson learned is to think through your indexing strategy early. Test it using a few examples. Don’t start marking text for indexing until you’re sure you know what you want.

Another lesson, that I learned a long time ago but forgot, write first, format later.


Three industry professionals currently have pre-released versions of the book for their review. Their feedback will be incorporated on the back cover. Here is a sample of one that came in today:

Having spent the last thirty-two years immersed in all aspects of the health and wellness sector and as a fellow Integrative Health Coach, I found The Karma Sense Eating  Plan refreshing, informative, practical and really fun to read! In his book “Davey H” teaches and entertains at the same time, providing valuable information about a way of eating and thinking that could change your life forever. While reading the book, you’ll laugh, you’ll say “huh?”, you may even wish you, too, had Superhero powers. But you’ll definitely end up with a personal nutrition plan and an awareness of Karma that could put you well on your way toward optimal nutrition and wellness. – Jackie Oken, MEd, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Integrative Health Coach, Owner of Unified Health Coaching …..Coaching for a healthy Balance.

 I’m looking for one more reviewer, preferably with an academic background in life sciences. If I’m unsuccessful, I’ll aim lower and target an expert on fart jokes.

Other Steps Completed or in Process

And with all that, the following are either recently finished, under way, or on the near-term to-do list.

  1. ISBN numbers obtained.
  2. Copyright application submitted.
  3. Licenses obtained or in process. There are a lot of pop culture references in this book. Sometimes this includes stills from movies and TV shows. Some of these stills make for a more enjoyable read but aren’t critical. Others are important for making a point. I’m working with the copyright owners of each of these to ensure I’m honoring their intent. Some of these owners are happy to participate in an effort with an endgame of donating to charity. They are generous with their property. Others don’t give a crap.
  4. Creation of front matter and other ancillary information including medical disclaimers, acknowledgments, and fair use claims.

65,000 words, 330 pages, 160 foot/endnotes, 55 figures, and 30 tables later, it’s been a long strange trip. And I’ve done it all without the benefit of reds, vitamin C, or cocaine…well, maybe vitamin C.


2 thoughts on “What A Long Strange Trip ISBN – A Karma Sense Book Update

  1. I would take you up on your offer but in that your karma story is included and I use the “your in luck”/asparagus reference from PIIYA, there may be to much Oz content.

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