I Need a Miracle Review

In my youth, I attended a Grateful Dead concert or two. Inevitably, as you approached the travelling carnival that converged before any show, you’d see the lone, pitiful yet upbeat character begging for the extra so-called “miracle ticket” that you weren’t going to use.

Today I come to you asking for a miracle of my own. If you’ve read The Karma Sense Eating Plan and have any reaction to it, I’d appreciate a review on Amazon.

I’m not even asking for a positive review. All I want is an honest review. Regardless of whether your reaction is delight, laughter, rage, enlightenment, confusion or ennui (which I believe is French for Zzzzzzzz), a review is the best way to help out potential readers.

And since I’m asking for an honest review, in the ever-so-slight chance you want to help out but haven’t yet received your copy, here’s where you can get yours.


Standard Edition
(black and white)
Special Edition
Kindle Edition

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