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? Karmonic Convergence – Announcing the First Recipient of Karma Sense Profits

Executive Summary

This post announces the first target charity (Alice’s Kids) for all profits collected through the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan (help out Alice’s Kids by picking up your copy here). This post also describes the series of coincidences that drove this decision. It was a Karmonic Convergence.

Harmonic Convergence. Karmonic Convergence. Tomato. Tomahto.

In the field of astrology, the “Harmonic Convergence” was an astronomical event during which the Sun, Moon and six of the nine planets aligned. The event itself occurred on August 11, 1987, when most of us schmoes still considered Pluto a planet. Feh! How stupid could we be!?!

No one is sure of the origin of the convergence’s alleged significance but the ancient Mayans currently get the credit. Unfortunately for the Mayans, they weren’t around to enjoy its spectacularness (spoiler alert – nothing spectacular happened).

While the Mayans were a day late and a peso short, new-agers the world around made 8/11/87 (11/8/87 for those readers on the metric calendar), a synchronized day of meditation. It was kind of cool even though I poo-pooed the concept at the time.

You see, much like Dr. McCoy of Star Trek:

Karmonic Convergence - Dr. McCoy

I’m still not so into the whole astrology thing. But it is possible to be both a logical scientist and a spiritual true-believer at the same time. If spiritualism is good enough for my heroes Newton and Einstein, it’s good enough for me.


Anyone who’s read The Karma Sense Eating Plan knows this about me. I believe in Karma. I believe good things happen to good people. And, while I still have my doubts about the Harmonic Convergence, I’m all-in on…

Karmonic Convergence

It all started in a little hospital in Brooklyn many years ago. Since that time, I devoted 25% of my free time satisfying my unnatural, irrational and insatiable curiosity about physical health, mental health and physiology.

Fast forward fifty-plus years to 2014 when I came to the decision that by 2018, I’d jettison my corporate life in favor of being an independent wellness and nutrition consultant.

As a first step, I initiated this blog which I used as a vehicle to document my journey. I figured it’d be a useful case study for anyone else making this foolish-yet-hopeful leap of faith. Because I knew I wasn’t alone.

As my writing chops developed, I used the blog to build a portfolio of content to demonstrate that I am a good steward of the wellbeing of others. I began posting less about my career development and more about health topics (My first health related post is here. I was so cute and naive then. Alas, I’m no longer cute.)

Jump another year to 2016, I wrote a book (have you heard about it?), I began public speaking and I overachieved on my “jettison corporate life” plan by two years.

(ASIDE: Writing a book is a lot like running a marathon. Here’s a riddle.

Question:How do you know when someone’s run a marathon?
Answer: They tell you.)

Karmonic Convergence in Wonderland

Fast forward again to the recent past. After soliciting future material from my loyal readers, I found considerable interest in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. I posted several articles that concentrate on various aspects of the guidelines and I continue to do so.

Eventually, I tackled the guideline’s position on sugar substitutes. I likened that subject to the rabbit hole Alice encountered in the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice became the theme of those sugar substitute posts.

Meanwhile, in the personal side of my life, I started my involvement with another “Alice.” I volunteered as the local agent for a charitable organization that helps school-age children in need take full advantage of the opportunities of childhood. The organization is called Alice’s Kids and I posted about it here.

And right around that time, in a third segment of my life, it was time for the team that manages the charitable donations which result from The Karma Sense Eating Plan to decide upon the first recipient. I donate all profits from the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan to charities that fight poverty and hunger.

In order to decide, the board and I agreed that I’d propose potential targets and then we’d individually perform a weighted vote. Board members also had the option to nominate fitting charities of their own choice. My list did not include Alice’s Kids because I didn’t want even the perception of a conflict between my personal endeavors and that of Karma Sense.

But the other board members, after reading my Alice’s Kids post, added that organization to the list and it received the most votes. From now until June 30, 2017, I donate all profits generated from the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan to Alice’s Kids.

Coincidence? I Think Not!

Is it a coincidence:

  • that my hobby ultimately became my career?
  • that a book devoted to making readers be healthier and happier while saving the world also does its part to save the world?
  • that a four-year plan to achieve independence while serving others became a two-year plan?
  • that on the night when my job-stress induced insomnia got so bad, I sat at my computer and banged out the first ten pages of what would eventually become the 320-page The Karma Sense Eating Plan?
  • that The Karma Sense Eating Plan contains genuine intellectual content hidden in a bunch of riddles, jokes, rhymes, puns and goofy innuendo?
  • that the book’s theme is “Be Happy. Be Healthy. Save the World!”?
  • that to do its part in world-saving that I saw no option but to donate all profits to charities that fight poverty and hunger?
  • that I still own my original forty-five-year-old copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because its intellectual content hidden in a bunch of riddles, jokes, rhymes, puns and goofy innuendo delights me to this day?
  • that Alice’s experience in the rabbit hole served as a metaphor for one of the blog posts intended to demonstrate that I am a good steward of the wellbeing of others?
  • that I work for a charity named after the founders’ mother and her name is Alice?
  • that an independent team saw that charity as the best recipient of the humble contribution that results from my attempt at good stewardship?
  • that the kids helped by Alice’s Kids are our best hope when it comes to Saving the World?

Is it?

Certainly much of the above is the result of a half-baked plan and a willingness to jump on an opportunity. But I think when such disparate events all come together and push the needle one tick closer towards saving the world, it has to be more than coincidence. It has to be a Karmonic Convergence.

Do You Want to Be a Part of the Karmonic Convergence?

If you would like to help Alice’s Kid’s, please consider the following:

  • Purchase your copy of The Karma Sense Eating Plan
Standard Edition
(black and white)
Special Edition
Kindle Edition


Buy the PDF Version


In my next post, I provide some Karma Sense advice regarding healthy strategies for consuming sugar substitutes.

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