The Karma Sense Eating Plan Book – Will It Ever Come to Life?

Executive Summary

When Dr. Frederick Frankenstein inherited his grandfather’s legacy, he and his assistants travelled the countryside to collect the parts they needed to create a horrifying crime against nature. Like Dr. Frankenstein, excuse me, Fronkensteen, I’m creating my version of twisted genius (Abnormal Brain included), better known as The Karma Sense Eating Plan book. Let’s check in on where I am with the process.


Completed. The final print ready copy is uploaded for printing. Here is a sample page.


Thanks again for the crack editing skills from Jeanie Simoncic, Susan “Mrs. H” Hellman, and Jackie Oken.

Final counts are:

  • Pages – 327
  • Footnotes/Endnotes – 195
  • Graphics/Photos – 56
  • Tables – 29
  • Cheap Laughs – Countless (or one big one depending on how you count).

Cover Design

I flaunted the front cover of the book several weeks ago but as it may be the best part of the whole thing. Here is is again.

Karma Sense Cover

Cover Artist Richard Demler is awaiting my final specifications to complete the spine and back cover. Spine design depends on final page count, which we know have. Back cover design requires text.

The Karma Sense Board just agreed to the final copy for the book summary that will appear on the back page. The back cover also includes brief reviews from luminaries who received advanced copies. At this point, I’m waiting for one more review and it’s due within the week. I hope to have the full cover finished soon after.


A number of kind souls agreed to read the book and provide a review that I can include on the back cover. As real estate on the back cover is limited, I’ll have to edit the reviews down to  the salient points (and like any other book or movie review, only include the compliments). I posted some reviews previously. Here one that just came in.

The Karma Sense Eating Plan by Dave Hellman is a fascinating, well-researched common sense approach to healthy eating that is more than just a diet, but a modification of lifestyle.  For as long as diet and exercise had been linked to achieving and maintaining good health, the medical and non-medical industry offered plans from the scientific to the absurd.  The one missing approach has been balance and common sense. Diet and exercise are of equal importance to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and are not mutually exclusive.  Dave’s approach presented with humor and sarcasm allows readers to adopt a diet that meets their needs without being dogmatic and unforgivable.  People have needs and desires, and if health plans exclude or preclude these, they will not be able to sustain them.  If you’re looking to improve your health and wellbeing, I strongly recommend The Karma Sense Eating Plan as a blueprint. – Andrew Potash, MD, Cardiologist

Thanks, Doc!

And here’s another one.

I really enjoyed Davey H.’s The Karma Sense Eating Plan.  Davey uses his humor and interesting personality to explain a comprehensive plan for good health, nutrition, happiness, and oh yeah, save the world.  His well organized and thorough plan makes perfect sense from the biological, psychological and humanitarian standpoint. This book is a fun read, the graphics and side stories about Karma, Sense, Eating, Plan connect all the puzzle pieces together to make it a life changing and sustainable plan to improve our health and happiness. – Ileana T. Rodriguez, 25 yr Veteran Science Teacher

“Interesting personality,” huh? That sounds like something a teacher would say about the class clown in a parent-teacher conference.


ISBN’s assigned, barcodes generated, indexing done, front matter complete. If I can get the printing done in time, it looks like my self-imposed deadline of release in February is on track.

Not Totally Book Related but Key to the Karma Sense® Brand

It’s mine! I know you all wish you woke up in the middle of the night with the phrase Karma Sense stuck in your head and spent many sleepless nights afterwards writing a Unibomber Manifesto about it but I’m the one who gets to carry this burden.


The Karma Sense Eating Plan Book – Will It Ever Come to Life?

Yes, we’re just waiting for the next bolt of lightning.

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