It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like KSEP – A “The Karma Sense Eating Plan” Book Update

Executive Summary

In the last week I reached two major milestones in the development of The Karma Sense Eating Plan book. First, the crowdsourcing campaign came to an end. I couldn’t be happier about the level of support the project received. Then, last night, I received the edited manuscript back from my crack editor (not that she’s on crack although I wouldn’t blame her after what she had to go through). The combination of these two events means we’re on track for a February release of the book. Yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like KSEP. This post provides some details on these milestones. In honor of this event, I’ve come up with a holiday edition of the logo. See? It’s red. So it connotes the holiday season. Red is all I need to acknowledge Christmas, right?

The Crowdsourcing Campaign

I had some specific goals in mind when I decided to create a crowdsourcing campaign around The Karma Sense Eating Plan book project. These included:

  1. Raise awareness for the project.
  2. Try and get a jump start on book revenue to accelerate the break-even point at which time I can pass all profits onto our selected charities.
  3. Offer an easy way for people to sign up for health coaching based on a Karma Sense philosophy.
  4. Invite people to assist in the future direction of the project including selecting the charities to which we’ll donate.

When setting up the campaign in my selected platform, Indiegogo, I was boxed into a corner that went counter to the above goals. I needed to choose a fundraising goal. I already had a budget carved out for developing the book but in talking to some experienced friends, I was encouraged to increase it. And that is the figure I chose for my fundraising goal.

Here’s the problem. I’m committed to publishing The Karma Sense Eating Plan. That financial goal was meaningless. As I said in that ever so popular video, “regardless of how much funding I get, this book will be published.”

The last thing a striving, self-critical person like I need is some meaningless goal to drive me in the wrong direction. In the end, thanks to my family, my friends and several strangers with big hearts, I got to 25% of this goal. In my V1.0 job, I would get fired for performance like that. It took a lot of discipline to remember that I really didn’t care about reaching the campaign goal.

Awareness Raised

Friends and acquaintances are asking me the status of the book. I’ve been approached by a few podcasters and other content-hungry media outlets who express interest in the project when it takes off. Many people who heard about it too late or chose not to contribute have told me that they plan to buy the book once it’s out.

Accelerate Break-Even Point

Admittedly, this goal is achieved as soon as the campaign receives its first penny. I am humbled that people are willing to pre-order the book and sign up to be coached to the tune of 25% of my conservative budget (40% of my original budget). Some people even donated money without ordering a perk. To those people, I know you’re trying to avoid having to read the book but I’m sending you a copy anyway.

Meanwhile, I am deep into the process and we are significantly on the plus side of the original budget. There is still a lot of work to be done so the forecast cost of the total project may be spot on. It may even be lower than the actual costs of development. But for right now, we have a significant cushion and again, that’s thanks to the many generous people who supported this campaign.

Simplify Coaching Sign Up Process

Forty years of living on the bleeding edge, including carrying hollerith cards through the halls of good old John P. Stevens High School, finally paid off. I searched high and low and no one seems to have kickstarted a health coaching practice with a crowdsourcing campaign before. Maybe there is a good reason for that but being a pioneer was fun. Furthermore, I have some eager clients who selected the perks that include coaching.

Get Assistance Driving the Future Direction of Karma Sense

Three people signed up to be on the Karma Sense board. The board will help drive future design of The Karma Sense Eating Plan book and all other Karma Sense related activities. More importantly, they’ll oversee the funds that are collected for charity and select the charities to which we donate.

I consider the campaign a success. But what about the book itself?

It Twas The Night Before KSEP…

And all through the night
Davey H couldn’t sleep
There were pages to write

I was like a kid the on the night before Christmas; laying awake, listening for any sound of Santa. In this case Santa was my editor and last night she returned my manuscript. Thankfully she returned it with useful comments, changes, and even a few pats on the back instead of the resignation notice I was expecting. As is the case with most of my obsessions, I felt the need to start pouring through her response immediately. So I got up way too early on a Saturday and got to work.

I’m about 5% through the fix-and-repair process and already I feel like it’s a better book than when I handed it over back in September. She really did a great job. Her criticism is constructive and her encouragement keeps me motivated. And when she complimented me on the hardest chapter to write, the description of the Plan component, it literally brought a tear to my eye. Look, I know I’m a baby. I confess. I admitted to a particular scene in The Transformers movie being a tear jerker long ago in this post.

But all emotion aside. That’s where I am with the book and I can’t wait to send it to you in February.



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