Health Coach Opportunities Wanted

Unprecedented Opportunity for Health Coach Services

I know how the word “opportunity” works. When your boss uses it, it’s really just a euphemism for some awful assignment that’s about to come your way.

Not so in this case. The opportunity I’m talking about is one in which you get an experienced partner to help you reach your health goals. Here’s the deal.

I recently signed up to achieve my next level of coaching certification. That means I need  a backlog of health coach clients to ensure I have sufficient practice hours for certification.

If you or people you know has a goal for a more robust and vibrant life but are stuck somewhere in the process, a health coach is a proven way to get past the hump. Health coaches help you lose weight, increase stronger, quit smoking, lower blood pressure, obtain new life or professional skills…the opportunities are endless.

But Wait. There’s More!

In order to ensure I have enough hours in the queue by July, I’ve reduced my rates by 50%. Furthermore, I have private grant money available to supplement the fees up to 100% for clients in financial need. Note that health coaching does not need to be done face-to-face. More often than not it is done over the phone or through web-based video conferencing.

If this opportunity interests you in any way or if you know someone who may benefit from this offer, please complete or share the form below.

Together we can kick the rest of 2016 into high gear!

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