Integrative Health Coaching


Our Integrative Health Coaching methods are based on Duke University's approach for achieving your goals for health and wellness. Your Health Coach works with you to uncover your own drive and inspiration for change.  The process respects the competing priorities of family, work, community, and your own personal fulfillment (see Wheel of Health diagram below). You and your Health Coach, devise and implement a plan for optimal health in a way that honors your values and your lifestyle.



Integrative Health Coaching Complete

A six-session coaching package that helps you identify changes in your life that will have the largest impact on your health. Your coach serves as a guide to keep you focused, motivated and moving forward towards your goals.

Integrative Health Coaching Enhanced

A twelve-session coaching package that focuses on your most complex and challenging health goals.

Burnout Prevention

It doesn't matter whether it's your job, family, or some other demand. Don't let your passion run you down. Burnout prevention gives you the tools you need to continue loving what you do. ContactForPrice
  • All one-on-one coaching services are available either face-to-face or through telephone/internet.
  • Pricing does not include travel expenses.
  • Discounts available based on financial need thanks to generous grants by private donors. Contact us to qualify.
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