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In an ongoing series that proves that food is medicine, we meet John Baumann. At the height of his career as a corporate attorney, John learned that he had Parkinson’s Disease and needed to prepare for the neurological decline that comes with that disorder. John and his wife Bernadette chose to fight back, literally and figuratively with lifestyle changes that would benefit any of us. And with Bernadette’s help, they cracked the code for affordable healthful eating.

I welcome you to meet Bernadette and John Baumann on this episode of The Foodcast.

00:17     Introduction

  • Episode 0035 – Sugar Substitute Rabbit Hole
  • Episode 0005 – Mailbag

02:33     Rant – Healthy Eating and Affordable Eating Are Not Mutually Exclusive

09:05     Interview – Bernadette and John Baumann

32:15     Shop Like a Baumann

41:45     Wrap Up

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