The Supplement Episode of The Foodcast Is Now Live

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Dietary supplements? Vitamins, minerals and other magic elixirs…are they really magic or are they a gamble? In this episode of The Foodcast, you’ll get some Karma Sense advice on how to get the most from dietary supplements or better yet, from your diet.

00:17     Introduction

00:58     Overall Supplement Advice

11:29     Supplementing Essential Macronutrients

19:18     Supplementing Essential Micronutrients

28:50     Other Supplement Types

31:50     Wrap Up

One thought on “The Supplement Episode of The Foodcast Is Now Live

  1. This podcast was helpful! I appreciated one clear takeaway message about taking fish oil. I was excited, as I remembered having a big bottle of fish oil in the cupboard. Fortunately I checked the expiration date: Nov 2015. I’ll invest in a new stash.

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