The “Sugar and Gluten and All Grains High Falutin'” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

People have strong beliefs about what foods are good and bad for you. Sometimes, their focus is misguided. Often, they preach nutrition dogma about foods you should never eat, even though the body handles them just fine. In this episode, we look at three of those beliefs. We look at some people’s strange beliefs about sugar, gluten, gluten free products and grains.

00:27     Introduction

01:49     Overview of the Problem

04:14     Sugar

  • Get more Karma Sense about Sugar here.

12:18     Gluten vs. Gluten-Free

  • This mindful eating presentation talks about the FODMAPs issue.

  • Here is more on the satiety index.
  • The dreaded list of FODMAP foods is here.

21:08     Grains – Ancient and Otherwise

  • The original teff post is here.
  • Here is the comprehensive table of grain nutrition.
  • This post about rice also talks about resistant starch.

32:12     Wrap Up


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