The “Shake It Up. Break It Down” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

It’s one thing to adopt a mindfulness practice. It’s another think to apply it to resolve health challenges. Whether it’s to manage appetite or addressing major health conditions, a mindfulness practice helps you focus on how you undermine your health and shake things up so you can make the changes you want.

In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, we meet Dr. Suzanne Nixon, a therapist and healer who has a fascinating personal story about how she managed her mindset and attitude to conquer a challenging health issue. We also discuss our personal mindful eating practices and we explore the situations that may lead to mindless eating.

01:02     Introduction

02:10     Rant – How Your Best Intentions Are Undermined

05:22     Interview – Dr. Suzanne Nixon

40:45     Mindful Eating

60:04     Wrap Up

2 thoughts on “The “Shake It Up. Break It Down” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

  1. This was my first podcast recording and I thank you Dave for the opportunity to share my story and healing journey. In general, I love how you formatted the hour: creatively adding songs to highlight points and jazz it up, and sharing your own mindful eating exercises and practices at the end. I must say, you have a style of interviewing that is very “user friendly” – welcoming, respectful and accepting. I appreciate your expert nutritional knowledge and how you “Break it Down”, and “Shake it Up”. I look forward to listening to more of your podcasts and working together.

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