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The You Are Not “N” Episode of the Foodcast is Now Live

Living with Karma Sense means respecting what science has to say about wellness. But scientific research is far from perfect and the talking heads with perfect hair that interpret this research for you are clueless. In this episode of the Foodcast I cover the 10 things that make me wary about research. Learn about these 10 items and you’ll be ready to throw a challenge flag the next time someone tells you that Little Debbie cakes prevent brain clouds.

Here are the 10 Things I Hate About Research

Here is the JAMA report on how the food sugar industry paid to researchers to promote fat as a cause for heart disease even though sugar was equally implicated. Here is the sugar industry’s response.

  1. It’s nearly impossible to find funding for studies that doesn’t provide at least the appearance of bias.
    Marion Nestle keeps the best database of industry-sponsored research.
  2. The headlines report something completely different from what the study tested.
    The foodcast about bacon causing cellular jet lag. The blog post about black soybean tea is here. The Sugar Association referenced this statement by the FDA castin doubt on the health risks of consuming too much sugar. But the quote they used is taken out of context. The FDA firmly believes that excess sugar is unhealthy.
  3. The best kind of research is too expensive and possibly unethical.
  4. Study design is a complex subject that few people understand.
  5. The peer review process is broken.
  6. Most worthwhile journals are difficult to access. Most junk journals are too easy to access.
    Jeffrey Beall’s list of predatory journals is here.
  7. There’s so much research, that it’s easy for people to cherry-pick the study that supports their position.
  8. Long time nutritional dogma trumps the latest research.
  9. The status quo never gets promoted. This is the opposite of #8.
  10. You are not “N.”

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