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The Meat Episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast is now live.

Episode 0002 – Meat

Learn about an evil creation of the restaurant industry, a recent winner of the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s 2016 Xtreme Eating Awards. Also, Davey H interviews one of the rock stars of the foodie world, an independent, local butcher. Taylor Hudnall from Let’s Meat on the Avenue in Alexandria, VA joins me to tell me about this trend. Finally, Taylor helps H address a personal conflict he faces by finding a humane and sustainable option to eating a creature he adores.

00:00      Corny Intro.
00:10      Theme Music That Sounds Like it Came From a 1970s Prono (not that I know what that sounds like).
00:17      Show Outline.
01:06      News  – 2016 Xtreme Eating Awards.
04:16      Interview – Taylor Hudnall, co-butcher at Alexandria, VA’s Let’s Meat on the Avenue, 2403 Mount Vernon Avenue Alexandria, Virginia, 22301.
Here is a link to the site with butcher slang.
31:29      Wacky Stunt – The first every stunt is not so wacky. Taylor teaches me how to cook wild boar, a very sustainable form of pork, without me turning it into a piece of shoe leather.
Learn about the scourge of wild boar here.
38:51      Summary of this action packed episode.

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A juicy and vicious wild boar chop.#KarmaSenseFoodcast episode 2

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