The Health Theater Episode of the Foodcast is Now Live

If the world is a stage, the inner workings of America’s health system is one of its most bizarre plays. It’s full of intrigue, intricate plot twists, and reprehensible characters. In this episode of The Foodcast we review this play and meet some of its players from the Healthcare Industrial Complex.

00:27     Introduction

02:23     The Healthcare Industrial Complex

06:26     The Health Media


A question to be covered in the upcoming episode of The Foodcast. #karmasensefoodcast #healthcareindustrialcomplex

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19:35     Cities of Medicine

CCB City of Medicine
Durham, NC’s CCB Building
Bull Durham City of medicine
A Package of Durham Bull’s Famous Bull Durham Tobacco
DCRI City of Medicine
Durham, NC’s Duke Clinical Research Institute
Pitt skyline city of medicine
Pittsburgh, PA’s Skyline
UPMC City of Medicine
Pittsburgh, PA’s US Steel Tower
City of Medicine Hat
Medicine Hat, Alberta’s City Skyline

31:38     Guilt by Association

42:07     Wrap Up


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