The “Too Much of a Good Thing” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

It’s time for another “Dear Davey H” episode of The Foodcast in which I respond to listener questions. So you have the audience to blame for my discussing whether cheese can be part of a healthy diet, My Cousin Vinnie, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, a new study that analyzes the superiority or lack thereof of the vegetarian diet, Australians, morally superior eggs, Casablanca, GMOs, 4/20, Seinfeld, MTV, Slim Whitman and how much is too much. Sound like too much? Don’t judge, listen.

00:20     Introduction

01:18     Cheese

  • Does the defense’s case hold water?

  • Get your copy of The Karma Sense Eating Plan

18:07     New Research on the Vegetarian Diet

21:39     GMOs and Eggs

32:43     How Much Is Too Much?

Still not sure about how much is too much?

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45:28     Wrap Up

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