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I’m on the road this week promoting The Karma Sense Eating Plan and so I’m repeating one of the more popular episodes. This episode is not only popular, it’s also timely as the U.S. government considers decimating the SNAP food assistance program for low-income Americans.

Cuts to this program make no sense. Its detractors claim that SNAP removes people’s incentive to work but the data actually shows otherwise. Furthermore, the data shows that SNAP helps lift people out of poverty and improves the overall economy.

If you’ve heard this episode before, I suggest you listen to the first five to ten minutes again. If it fires you up enough to want to do something, reach out to your representatives in Congress and urge them to preserve the SNAP program.

Impossible tasks are often metaphorically described as “fighting world hunger.” But is fighting world hunger really impossible? Maybe. But what if we think globally but act locally? In this episode of The Foodcast we look at the local challenges to fighting hunger, we interview Rana Abu Ghazaleh, Project Manager with the City of Alexandria, VA. Rana worked with the city government, farmer’s and citizens to create a system that optimizes access to fresh food for low-income families. Then, Davey H does a first person exploration of the work Rana and her team has done.

00:15 Introduction

  • Fox News thinks refrigerators aren’t important.

03:32 Rant – The Problems With Fighting Hunger

  • Link to most recent press release from Tom Vilsack about SNAP stating:
    “After holding 16 hearings on SNAP over the past two years, the House Agriculture Committee reached a simple conclusion: SNAP provides a critical nutrition safety net for millions of low-income Americans, and we need to do all we can to protect and strengthen the program so it can continue effectively serving American families in need.”
  • Link to a SNAP resource page from the Center of Policy and Budget Priorities.

06:47 Interview – Rana Abu Ghazaleh, Project Manager, City of Alexandria, VA

  • Link to Old Town Alexandria Farmer’s Market page.

32:05 Shopping the Farmer’s Market

  • Link to the US Department of Agriculture map of food deserts.
  • Link for finding a Farmer’s Market near you.
  • Link to SNAP to Health a great public/private resource for SNAP users and other interested parties.
  • Link to show notes for Food is Medicine episode of The Foodcast.
  • Link to A Place at the Table, perhaps the easiest way to get involved in fighting hunger.

Preview of the January 6, 2017 episode of The Foodcast. New MGM National Harbor Hotel and Casino during sunset in far background.

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Setting up for the Old Town Farmer’s Market and the next Episode of The Foodcast. #karmasensefoodcast #SNAP #fighthunger

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46:49 Wrap-Up

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