The “Farmer’s Daughter” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

Mash up a specialty grocery store with high-quality local meat, dairy, produce and dry goods. Throw in a healthy dose of independent coffee shop vibe without the snooty staff. The end result is something very much like Farmer’s Daughter in tiny and rural Capon Bridge, WV.

Co-owners Kate and Pete Pacelli along with their friendly and knowledgeable staff created exactly the kind of food shopping environment you want in your town. In this episode of The Foodcast, I talk to Pete about their vision for Farmer’s Daughter and the process that got them there. Pete and Kate also give us a sneak peak into their inaugural event at their space, a Hog Butchering Demonstration. You’ll enjoy learning about the food and the store from Pete and you’ll get further insight into my ongoing exploration of people and their relationship with animals as food.

00:24 Introduction

02:06 Rant – Produce. In season or all season? That is the question.

08:48 Interview with Pete Pacelli and Hog Butchery Demonstration

39:34 Eating Animals

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41:38 Wrap Up

Photos from my visit to Farmer’s Daughter

Sneak peak into the February 4 Episode of The Foodcast. #karmasensefoodcast #goodfoodawards2017 #charcuterie

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Butcher display @farmersdaughterwv on The Foodcast.

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Refrigerator case @farmersdaughterwv on The Foodcast

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Fresh produce @farmersdaughterwv on The Foodcast

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For more photos of the actual hog butchering, go to this page. Some people may find these photos disturbing.

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