Coffee ABCs

The “Coffee ABCs” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live


Why coffee ABCs? Because in 2015, US government Agencies Blessed Coffee. Specifically, the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (“the guidelines”) endorsed moderate coffee consumption. To many of you, this is a non-event. To people with an unnatural, irrational and insatiable curiosity about food policy, this is unprecedented. Changes in food policy tend to be evolutionary. But the guideline’s endorsement of 24-40 ounces of coffee consumption each day is revolutionary. And to coffee lovers, it’s a gift.

In this episode of The Foodcast, we examine the recommendations around coffee. And since the recommendations are unusually clear, I further extol coffee’s virtues with the help of an Infographic you can download and explore.

00:40     Introduction

01:40     Coffee ABCs

 Coffee ABCs Art


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