The “Bless the Food Industry’s Heart” Episode of the Foodcast is Now Live

Don’t panic. There is no episode 0013 of The Foodcast. I just skipped that unlucky number 13 and went to 14. In this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast, I rant about deceptive health claims the food industry makes about their products.

I also interview Jackie Oken of Unified Health Coaching. She’s a seasoned veteran in the health and wellness who’s worked as a practitioner and educator. Jackie shares her tips for healthy eating. They make a lot of Karma Sense.

Finally, Jackie and I go on a Healthy Food Scallawag Scavenger Hunt during which we parse through the deceptive claims in products you can pick up in any supermarket.

00:25     Introduction

02:04     Deceptive Product Labeling Rant

Federal court rules that the government can’t govern industry influence on nutrition regulations.

Kind Bars can’t claim they’re healthy.

08:07     Interview with Jackie Oken, Exercise Physiologist and Integrative Health Coach

Reach out to Jackie at Unified Health Coaching

Jackie’s Rules of Healthy Eating

  1. Avoid processed grains and refined sugar
  2. Ask these 5 questions when you eat
    1. What is the protein source?
    2. What is the fiber source?
    3. Is it at least 15o calories?
    4. Are the carbohydrates healthy carbohydrates
    5. Are there healthy fats
  3. Learn how to maneuver around the grocery store and restaurants with this knowedge

20:47     Healthy Food Scallawag Scavenger Hunt

Alternatives to Garden Lites Ninja Power Muffins


A final behind the scenes photo for this week’s episode of the Foodcast. #karmasensefoodcast #turtlesonthehalfshell

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Better Chips Than Simply 7 Quinoa Chips

Garden of Eatin

A teaser for the upcoming Foodcast. It’s quinoa. It’s got to be good.

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Zen Chocolate Pudding with Almond Milk

Make at home chocolate pudding with no gluten, soy or dairy


Another Foodcast teaser. #karmasensefoodcast #blech

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36:29     Wrap Up

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