The Biscuit Episode of the Foodcast is Now Live!

The humble biscuit is experiencing a renaissance. September is even National Biscuit Month. In this episode of the Foodcast we explore the phenomenon of National Whatever Month/Week/Day. Then, we meet Barbara Mancini who took a risk and opened a gourmet bakery in the heart of a neighborhood that was less than welcoming. In the exciting conclusion, Barbara tastes and rates a collection of hipster biscuits that are all available within walking distance of where we live.

00:21     Intro
01:11     National Whatever Month
04:14     Interview with Barbara Mancini
28:06     Biscuit Tasting
38:03     Summary

Interview with Barbara Mancini

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Display case of baked goods from Mancini's
Display case of baked goods from Mancini’s
Barbara's Bustling Dining Area
Barbara’s Bustling Dining Area
Mancini's When Barbara Ran the Business
Mancini’s When Barbara Ran the Business


Biscuit Tasting


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Here is the scorecard:


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