We Don’t Have a Healthcare System. We Have a Disease Care System

In an earlier post I mentioned that I was distracted from my 2.0 launch plan (now 3.0) to care for a sick family member. I am not an expert in medicine or in healthcare policy. I know a little bit because I work in the Healthcare IT sector. My job is to look for the problems that prevent quality care and design solutions that fix them. But I’m not informed enough to add anything of substance to the discussion. All I will say from my recent experience is it confirmed that the US healthcare system is desperately in need of the tools that keep people out of the system to begin with. It is not a system designed to prevent disease. It’s designed to intervene when disease comes. It is not a system that is designed for healthcare. It’s a system designed for disease care. And all American Exceptionalism aside, it does it’s job poorly.

For some reason, whatever goes on in a hospital and doctor’s office us called conventional medicine. Somehow promoting habits for moving around, eating well, and being mindful/introspective is alternative medicine. How did that happen?

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