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On the surface, my professional background provides no indication of my qualifications for or interest in being an Executive Health and Wellness coach. My degree is in Computer Science (and in Psychology but my University at the time didn’t support the notion of a dual degree so I went with where the money was). Upon graduation I immediately began work as an analyst for an office automation and computer product company (file “Office Automation” in the 1980s Tech Buzzword Hall of Fame). Thirty plus years later I have experience working for the Fortune 500 and the smallest of tech startups. It is a work environment that can lend itself to poor health habits including:

  • Sedentary lifestyle with significant time spent seated;
  • Frequent travel leading to inconvenient access to healthful food and exercise equipment;
  • High stress; and
  • Late hours.
  • Like most of my colleagues, the first half of my career was spent ignoring my health. The tell tale signs of metabolic syndrome were setting in.There was never a wake up call that told me I had to do something to change my habits. However, little by little I started to adjust them. I joined a gym and stuck to it. I started cycling to my errands and for my commute instead of driving. I cooked more and learned about nutrition. The more I made these lifestyle changes, the better I felt. As I began to feel better my interest in the mechanics of what was happening piqued my interest. I started to voraciously read everything I could on physical and mental health, fitness and nutrition. It’s a passion.Meanwhile, while making this transformation, many of my colleagues continued to allow their health to deteriorate. When I would gently encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle, they complained about the lack of time. At this point, you the reader may be knowingly shaking your head. You’re thinking self-righteous nagging and in-your-face encouragement is sure to backfire with most people. However, and you will need to take my word, I have a reputation as a pretty humble, diplomatic, and sensitive guy. It is what has led to success in my field. There is a great deal of truth to the stereotypes of engineers. They may be smart but they are not known for their humility, diplomacy, or sensitivity. Since I am not one of the smartest engineers in the bunch the premium on these other skills have led to significant career achievements. But I digress. As my colleagues would complain about a lack of time, I would think to myself, how can that be? I have all the same professional and personal obligations they do. I am at least as productive as they are. I work every bit as hard and long as they do. I started to take inventory of all things I do to improve and maintain my health and realized that I have truly integrated healthy habits into my lifestyle. Exercise and good nutrition are not additional things I must include in an already busy life; they’re built-in to my life. And I don’t think there is anything special about me. I think anyone can do it. The path may be different but the results, a happy and satisfying life, will be the same.

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