Davey H 2.0

I like my current job. I could continue doing it for many years and I’d like to. Realistically I know that my relationship with my current job is not infinite. When we part ways my choice will be:

  • Find another gig in the same field.
  • Full bored (sic) retirement
  • Do something different (aka Davey H 2.0)

I’m going with the last one. We’ll see how it plays out but Davey H 2.0 will be a Health Coach. Health Coaching is an emerging field. A Health Coach is not exactly a personal fitness professional nor is it a type of nutrition counselor. Health Coaches move people toward satisfying and healthy lifestyles. This is achieved through a variety of strategies that depend on the needs of the person being coached. In previous posts I mention that I want to help others do what I’ve achieved…a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. For now, I’m calling my style of health coaching Live Long Lead Long.

You may have noticed I hedged a bit by saying “We’ll see how it plays out.” I see the upgrade to version 2.0 as a five year process. While I have a plan on how to progress through those years to the end game, I know a lot can happen in that time:

  • The Health Coaching field is new. In 5 years it will mature into something that no individual person or institution has much control over. The forces of evolution will prevail.
  • People are well aware (they’re being hounded) about the benefits of being fit. At the same time, the worldwide obesity epidemic is not going away. Eventually we’ll reach some kind of equilibrium
  • Healthcare policy will certainly change as government actions such as the U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA aka Obamacare) will continue to evolve and influence the market.
  • Technology, including personal fitness trackers and applications of, ahem, Big Data will empower people to, in some ways, be their own Health Coach.

Bottom line is in 5 years, no matter what my plan is, I will need to adapt to the market. And I will. Because recognizing that life is made up of external factors that you can’t control and personal choices that you control completely is a secret to living a happy and fulfilling life. Recognizing this will allow you to Live Long and Lead Long.

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