Integrative Health Coach, Nutrition Troubleshooter, High Tech Entrepreneur


Dave Hellman is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach with hundreds of hours of individual and group coaching experience. Past and current clients include corporate executives, professional athletes and community leaders who all share the quandary of how to care for themselves without compromising their commitment to other passions.  He specializes in helping clients:

  • Build a sustainable nutrition plan so they can enjoy a long, happy life.
  • Increase strength, energy and endurance despite lacking the time or motivation to exercise.
  • Navigate stress so it works for them instead of against them.
  • Come to terms with undesirable habits and build strategies to break them.

Currently, Dave splits his time supporting corporate wellness programs for the technology and service industries, providing nutrition consulting services to the food retail sector and direct coaching to individual clients on an as available basis. Dave's currently serves clients on five continents.

The TL/DL Version

David "Davey H" Hellman received his nickname because David was a common boy’s name for his generation. Many people called him Davey H to distinguish him from all the other Davids who were hanging around.

He is a health and wellness coach who also happens to have deep experience in the high-tech business. His most sought after skill in the business world is his ability to bring order into chaos. It's a skill he's applied to the healthcare technology products he's invented and the organizations he's led. It's a great skill to have in a business like his because the rules are always changing and disorder is easy to come by.

Davey H has another less sought after skill. It's the ability to recall random and seemingly useless facts that others rarely care or think about. For much of his life, this meant uttering throwaway lines from popular movies or, for example, knowing that Libreville is the capital of Gabon. But, twenty years ago he decided to focus that "gift" on improving his personal well-being by studying the science of health and happiness. This included formal training and certification in nutrition and integrative health. And here is what he learned.

Much like success in business, the key to greater health and happiness is bringing order to the chaos. Chaos created by the whirlwind of conflicting information from the medical establishment, alternative health personalities, the media and companies that want to sell you products. But unlike the business world, the rules for greater health and happiness never change. We may discover new information, but the laws of science remain constant. The trick for any one individual is discovering how to apply these rules so they conform to his or her values, lifestyle and obligations.

That's what Karma Sense Wellness is all about. Work with Davey H to become happier and healthier on your own terms.


About The Home Page Sunflower Motif

When you first enter the Karma Sense Wellness website, you're confronted with a field full of sunflowers. There is no real pattern dictating how the sunflowers grow in that field. The laws of entropy and chaos take over.


As you scroll down the page, you see a closeup of an individual sunflower. Suddenly you see that the randomness of a field full of flowers includes each flower's stamen and the stamen is filled with seeds that align in distinct patterns.


Continue down the page to the Social Media section and you see the repeating pattern of the compound cellulose, the predominant molecule of a sunflower or any other plant.


From a distance, beautiful chaos. But as we look closer, beautiful  and dependable patterns.

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