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Executive Summary

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the Karma Sense Media Empire and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. There have been a few new developments in the world of Karma Sense and this post will get you up to date on those and what they mean for the future.

What’s Up?

I started this journey in November 2014 at which time I announced my intention to make a radical change in my life and exit the corporate world (again) and start a new business (again). This time, instead of pursuing something in the fabulous world of healthcare information technology, I jumped into the field of healthcare itself. I began by pursuing an education in various allied health fields including nutrition and health coaching and continue to make strides in this area.

One of the paths I chose included enrolling in the Duke Integrative Medicine Professional Health Coaching program. It is a two-phase program that begins with a foundation course that’s done through a combination of on-campus and distance learning. I completed that phase in April 2015, thus allowing me to practice as a Duke University trained coach.

In July of 2016, I began the next phase, certification. At this time, there is no national certification for Health Coaches in the United States. It is the Wild Wild West. Some programs certify their coaches after only a few hours of online training. Duke’s curriculum involves many hours of class work, actual coaching practice, and the passing of both a written and oral exam. It is a process that is recognized as one of the most demanding and rigorous available.

On March 22, 2017, Duke told me that I successfully completed and passed all requirements for certification and I can now call myself a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach.

This is only one step in an ongoing process of developing my coaching practice. I’ll continue my education and pursuit of credentials including my intent to sit for the first national certification exam to be executed by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching and the National Board of Medical Examiners in September 2017.

I want to thank the many of you who helped me get to this point by being willing victims of my coaching education.

What Does This Mean For…

Karma Sense Wellness?

It’s challenging to keep the Karma Sense Media Empire fed while running a coaching business and attending to my course work at the same time. Now that the significant level of course work is complete, I’ll be spending more time developing the coaching business known as Karma Sense Wellness.

The Karma Sense Media Empire?

To date, the Karma Sense Media Empire’s main components include:

  • This blog – To which I contribute irreverent but scientifically accurate nutrition knowledge bombs every Monday.
  • The Foodcast – A weekly magazine-style podcast in which we explore all aspects of the world of food with the goal to help us all appreciate its miracle and the constant impact it has on our lives. Also, if it garners a laugh or two, that’s cool too. Each Foodcast is released on a Friday.
  • The Karma Sense Newsletter – A newsletter that comes out every Wednesday and reports on all things Karma Sense from new content, to upcoming events, top social media engagements and a few exclusives only available to subscribers.

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  • The Karma Sense Eating Plan – A sincere and lighthearted guide for greater health and happiness. Available wherever you buy books including here. I donate all profits from the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan to Alice’s Kids.

Occasionally I’ve had the opportunity to participate in events and lead workshops. My next event is a Karma Sense Mindful Eating workshop at Dean’s Natural Food Market in Chester, NJ on June 6, 2017.

Future plans for the empire also include curated travel opportunities where we as a group can be immersed in the food culture of some of the world’s healthiest populations. Because good health and good food are not mutually exclusive. Much of my disappearance over the last few weeks has been for research in this endeavor.

The Bottom Line?

Karma Sense Wellness is a business dedicated to helping everyone be healthy, be happy and, oh yeah, save the world. To do this, it means I need to act like a business. The bottom line is that I need to focus on the bottom line. What this means to you, dear supporter, is that over time, I’ll be making some changes in the cadence and format of some of the Karma Sense Media Empire properties to optimize their ability to generate revenue and to support my effort to work with individuals and groups to meet your and their lofty healthy/happy/world-saving goals.

Does this Mean no More Volunteer Work?

No. Far from it.

Alice’s Kids

I continue my efforts on behalf of Alice’s Kids both as a patron and a community liaison. This includes developing opportunities to identify kids who can benefit from our services as well as finding additional support.

Recently I had the following experience on Twitter and it resulted in over $7,000 new donations to the cause.

A series of tweets were trending about this article in The New York Times:
Inline image 2
Top notch actor and comedian, Patton Oswalt tweeted about it:
Inline image 3
This inspired many of his followers to tell personal stories and suggest ways to help people who can’t pay for basic needs, including this one:
Inline image 4
I responded with this:
Inline image 5
Patton Oswalt then retweeted my response which was seen by his 3.73 million followers. That had a multiplying effect as his retweet was again retweeted 91 times (to date) and “liked” 292 times.
Also, Mr. Oswalt donated $5,000 and many of the viewers of this series of tweets also donated. Patton Oswalt is a mensch!

Helping the Uninsured

The recent embarrassing fiasco regarding insurance coverage for our nation’s citizens did not fix the fact that there are millions of people without healthcare coverage in the United States. While this has a direct consequence for the victims of this situation, it also costs the more fortunate among us in both emotional and economic terms.

In my community of Alexandria, Virginia, we have an annual health fair to provide basic screening services and find access to coverage for people who otherwise can’t afford it. I am an active volunteer in this effort. The photo at the top of this post is from a video produced about last year’s event. If you want to skip to the part with my smiling face it’s at about the two minute and 10 second mark.

We Know Return to the Karma Sense Media Empire’s Regular Programming


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