Re-Entry (V1.X) vs. Exploratory and User Story Testing of V2.0 – What Lies Ahead for the Next 4 Weeks

The problem with being a resource-starved start-up is that while you’re trying to do your best to provide new features to your users, you still have to maintain the buggy old system your users have now. This is the challenge I face with re-entry from the immersive classroom experience to four weeks of balancing my tech job with my coaching aspirations.

Re-entry – Davey H 1.x

The punch list for the next 4 weeks includes some heavy hitters (major offshore initiative that will eventually require an extended Asia stay), the usual tasks associated with whatever hot customer, staff or product issues arise, and the daily grind of email (I returned to a backlog of over 600 new emails) and conference calls (average 6 hours/day).

Exploratory and User Story Testing of 2.0

Meanwhile, the return from the on-site class in support of 2.0 serves as the perfect point in the current sprint to perform some Story and Exploratory Testing.  There is also some additional feature development.  These include:

  1. A short but not insignificant reading assignment (feature development)
  2. An estimated 7 hours worth of online lecture (feature development)
  3. 10 quizzes (testing)
  4. 6 hours of triad practice (testing)
  5. Optional content development (feature)
  6. Optional peer review (testing)
  7. Embedded practice.  Note that I apologize in advance if you become a victim of my new-found listening and questioning skills.
  8. Documentation development (what you’re reading now)


All of the above would be manageable but I can’t let the lifestyle suffer or I won’t Live Long nor will I Lead Long.  Fortunately I’ve optimized the personal nutrition plan to allow for as much free time as possible.  Meals are planned, ingredients are prepped and the slow cooker is my best friend.  Workouts for most of the week will be High Intensity Intervals done Tabata style with body weight only.  No gym required.

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