Re-Entry Status – Halfway Point Between Onsite IHCPT Modules

In my post on Re-Entry in which I summarized what needed to be done for both v1.0+ and the to-be-released v2.0, I listed a punch list of items that needed to be worked through to support both. We are now halfway between the time for on site sessions for Health Coach training so I’ll give a status of where I am and any relevant commentary.

  1. A short but not insignificant reading assignment (feature development) – Still to be done
  2. An estimated 7 hours worth of online lecture (feature development) – Complete.  Very dry but good intentions. Each video covered a segment on the Wheel of Health and discussed research on how that segment contributes to health as well as practical strategies on how to address them with the client.
  3. 10 quizzes (testing) – Each quiz corresponded to a video lecture from #2 above.  They were pretty much common sense in that one could do well without really having to view the videos.
  4. 6 hours of triad practice (testing) – Halfway done.  Where once these were a source of dread, I really look forward to them now.  It’s a great way to develop skills.  It also get me back in touch with my classmates who, as previously described, are a source of inspiration.  It isn’t easy; but it’s one of the most valuable parts of the course.
  5. Optional content development (feature) – As can be seen by the growing number of posts on the blog, improvements to the site, and page views from people like you (for which I thank you), I have exceeded my expectations on this optional tasks.
  6. Optional peer review (testing) – Yes, I did launch the site that was sitting dormant on the web until a few weeks ago.
  7. Embedded practice.  Note that I apologize in advance if you become a victim of my new-found listening and questioning skills. – Have not been in the zone as much as I’d like but still see the improvements.  The ability to incorporate these kind of skills for v1.0+ work is limited.  It’s not an environment that takes to it well.  I am a fish out of water.
  8. Documentation development (what you’re reading now) – No explanation necessary

An additional task was added for v2.0 that includes a face-to-face meeting with one of my classmates who lives in town.  This is still yet to occur.

Meanwhile the only surprise on the v1.0+ support track is a pleasant one.  Asia travel is being deferred to later.

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