Minor Marketing Pivot

After some late night debate with the Live Long Lead Long marketing department, we decided on a minor branding pivot. The short story is that by incrementing the current version to version 2.0, we ignore the progression of the previous versions.

  • Davey H 1.0 – Launched in 1978. This version was quite healthy and happy but lacked the depth required for a complete product. It had the sizzle but not the steak.
  • Davey H 2.0 – Released in 1984-2005. As with any product aimed at the mainstream, this version needed to make a lot of compromises to please a wider audience at the expense of reaching it’s full potential. Over time users learned all the tricks to get the most out of this version.
  • Davey H 3.0 – This is the new version in development slated for Beta in 2017 with General Availability in 2019.

All references to Davey H 2.0 in this documentation that predates this post should be updated to read “Davey H 3.0”.

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