Karma Sense Wellness is Open for Business

Welcome to Karma Sense Wellness.

Starting today, I am sunsetting my career in the healthcare technology business. I am now 100% focused on helping people optimize their health in a way that is compatible with their values, lifestyle and obligations.

This change is an opportunity for you. In addition to spending more time coaching, writing and speaking, I am pursuing the next level of my health coaching certification. This puts me in a position to offer one-on-one or group coaching at a discounted rate. In addition, I have limited private grant funds available to take on clients based on financial need.

If you are seeking support to achieve your vision for optimal health, please contact me using the form below. All communication is held in the strictest confidence.

Be healthy! Be Happy! Save the world!


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  1. Thanks for the input. What language would you like to see supported? What topics are of particular interest to you?

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