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I am in the midst of some epic posts about the Karma Sense Eating Plan (not “epic” as in heroic and awesome; more like “epic” as in long and tedious.) The Karma Sense Eating Plan (KSEP) is a logical, open-minded, and dogma-free approach to eating more healthfully. You can learn more about it in this introductory post. I have delusions of grandeur that KSEP can become a movement but for now it’s a work in progress and that means I need to go back and edit/change posts I’ve already published.

I’m two posts in and already that’s the case. I updated the Karma Sense logo. Here is what originally appeared:


This creepy creation was the best a sleep-deprived mind could do when I started banging out the ideas for the Karma Sense Eating Plan (more on why I was sleep deprived later).

The new logo is more utilitarian. It reflects the importance of each individual word in the name “Karma Sense Eating Plan.” For ease of navigation, I’ll invoke different versions of the logo when discussing different parts of KSEP.

When discussing the overall plan, you’ll see this logo.


If it’s information focused on the Karma component, this is what you’ll see.


For Sense.

Karma Sense Sense TM

For Eating.

Karma Sense Eating Component TM

And Plan.

You’ve Been Rick Rolled


Oops, sorry, I mean Plan


I have a vision of eventually creating a KSEP e-book in which these logos will be interactive hyperlinks. You can take the boy out of the tech world, but you can’t take the tech world out of the boy.

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Good for Your Health

I came up with the concept of KSEP in one of those fever dreams I occasionally get that shakes me awake in the middle of the night and prevents me from falling back to sleep as my mind continues to race. When those situations occur, I usually get up, jot down a few notes and that clears my head enough so I can catch a few more Zzzzs. Often when I wake up the next day I realize that whatever I thought was genius last night is actually the stupidest freaking idea I ever heard and toss it. Not this time. When I woke up the next day I felt like I was onto something; a way of life that is inclusive, healthful, and spreads happiness and good will.

I knew I was on the right track and spent much of the next day researching and writing. That night we had Chinese takeout for dinner and I found this in my fortune cookie:


This, as several remarked on my Facebook page, was Kismet (Kismet is the lazy person’s Karma, It depends on fate while Karma depends on action). Or was it irony? Irony is when the literal meaning is the opposite of the intended meaning. Such a poorly worded compliment on my communication skills would certainly qualify as irony.

But then I started posting about KSEP. I was really pleased to see how many people read that first post. And the second one did even better. The motivation for documenting  KSEP is to start a positive and inclusive movement for better health and a better world. If that’s something that interests you as well, you could help by providing some critical feedback.

I received a little so far but there is a silent majority, some of whom said in the past that they enjoy what I’m doing here but are too shy to comment. I encourage everyone to give feedback whether positive, negative, constructive, destructive. even flat-out trolling. Private messages are fine but public communication only helps strengthen the discussion and spread good Karma. A better Karma Sense Eating Plan is in everyone’s best interest. And I shouldn’t have to depend on my next fortune cookie for advice.

Karma Sense In the Wild

One reader of the Karma Sense series told me that his daughter asked him to take her to the mall after dinner. This is not something he usually would do but for the sake of giving the Karma Sense thing a test ride, he agreed. While waiting for his daughter to shop, he killed time by walking around with the goal of adding a few thousand more steps on his FitBit. He ended up running into a former colleague, a person whose company he always enjoyed and having a good talk. In summary:

  • Daughter happy – we will discuss the positive health benefits of one’s personal happiness in a future KSEP post. But how do you imagine her happiness may have spread? It’s the network effect of good Karma.
  • Exercise goal advanced
  • Personal contact reinforced – the research on the positive health effects of maintaining personal relationships is vast. Assuming that the former colleague felt the same way about the chance meeting (and I do because the person who related this story is a real Mensch, which I believe is French for “cool dude”), the network effect of good Karma might be in play again.

All of this with one simple word to a person he loves, “yes.”

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