Deep Into The V2.0 Final Sprint in Preparation for the Last Mission

It’s been a couple of weeks since completing the second on-site module of the Duke IHCPT Foundation Program that is the major milestone for Davey H 2.0 but I haven’t had much time to focus on 2.0 development.  V1.0 consumed a lot of resources.

The first week back I headed straight to HQ in Boston. I described that trip in this post. Then, this week I flew my team in to work through a proposed reorganization.  I had the crazy-smart idea of holding the meeting in my house.  It wasn’t going to be an easy meeting…

  • By necessity, the agenda could be neither too specific (because then I in effect would be dictating the reorg) nor too general (because we’d end up trying to boil the ocean).
  • My staff is competent, smart, driven but very inexperienced. They want greater authority but they’re reluctant to make decisions.  They’re not used to a boss who solicits their opinions when decisions need to be made.
  • We don’t really know each other that well.  This is not the same team I brought into the company back when we were bought. I had completed the assignment of assimilating that old team.  Rather than booting me at that point, the company asked me to take on a different challenge. I know each of the people who form my current management team, but as a group, they rarely, if ever all work together.  This is the legacy of how they were each brought into the company. We’re a rag-tag bunch of mavericks, I tell ya.
  • The team is spread out all over the world.  The logistics of when and where to meet are not easy.

Given the above. I figured there is no better place to make this crew feel at home with each other than in an actual home. They stayed in a hotel because anything else would be creepy.  But during the day, they were at my house. I supplied all of the accouterments of an office; supplies, work space, meeting space, telecommunications, A/V, smoking space (Europeans!) and the all important coffee and food service. They saw that I was basically a human.  And they met the home office security team that they often hear in action during conference calls.

If a corporate espionage team ever breaks into my home office dressed as a dog bed, they’ll be sorry.

It worked.  The team warmed up to each other and we came up with a plan to organize for the future. Mission accomplished.

But now I have to work on V2.0 tasks. Besides the class assignments,  I want to practice talking about the V2.0 product to people who don’t yet have exposure.  I need to know what questions I’m going to get and what sales techniques work and what ones fall flat.

I had three different networking events I hoped to attend but they all had conflicts with V1.0 obligations.  And, I’m now going to lose a week because I’ll be out of the country on business, something I was hoping to hold off until well after the Duke Foundation course was over.  So now the plan is as follows:

  1. Complete the assigned class work (reading, videos, quizzes, triad practice).  This won’t be an issue since I can do most of it during nights and weekends.
  2. Take advantage of an upcoming personal trip to connect with some long time friends and acquaintances and test my rap out on them.  Working on booking this now.
  3. Hit up some of the coffee-shops/shared work space venues in my area and see what I can drum up.  This is a nutty idea that is way out of my comfort zone.  But what do I have to lose?
  4. Continue L4 engagement strategy of writing blog content, engaging like-minded people in discussion, and packaging resources that can be used for specialty situations like I did for the professional cyclist in this post.
  5. Stretch goal: Plan out what a seminar/workshop might look like.  Take it as far as I can including agenda, marketing, content development, venue etc.  Any progress I make on this will be gravy.


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