Commencing Countdown – Preparing for Next Sprint

Executive Summary

This post wraps up the accomplishments as we come to the close of the current sprint.  Next week begins another week of on-site learning at the Duke Integrative Medicine facility.  The previous update on this subject can be found here.

Re-Entry Davey H 1.X

There were no surprises during the 4 week between module period.  I’ve been able to avoid Asia travel, since that project is progressing better than expected and we will probably move into production before a site visit is required.

I got a relative break between Sprints (modules) 1 and 2 as far as 1.X maintenance is concerned but I won’t fare quite as well in the next sprint.  I’ll have to do a trip to HQ in Boston as soon as I get back from Durham.  The week after I’ll be bringing my US and European managers in town for a meeting.  I am experimenting with having the meeting in my home.  That should be interesting but will make for a decent environment considering the contentious subject matter.

I’d like to come out of that meeting with a reorganization of the team.  The first big company I worked for seemed to reorg way too often.  It was a great way to ensure that people were not held accountable for the mistakes they made when their responsibilities were different.  The current company has been much more stable.  There have been limited reorgs in the five years since they bought my company.  But when times change; business needs to change.

Meanwhile a possible trip to Europe is also within reason between the next two modules.  I may try to push that off until after I graduate from Duke IHCPT.  That won’t really buy me anything because I plan on being in beta for 2.0 by then.  The competition for resources (me) will be ugly.

Exploratory and User Story Testing of 2.0

2.o tasks included the following (expected status at end of sprint in bold)

  1. A short but not insignificant reading assignment (feature development). Done.  The reading was on “Mindful Awareness”, a subject that is a bit too soft science-y for me.  But I understand its role, have been practicing mediation daily, enjoy the practice, and hope to stick with it.  I will probably do a dedicated blog post on this in the near future.
  2. An estimated 7 hours worth of online lecture (feature development) Complete.  7 hour estimate was probably high.  A lot of useful information that could do with some better organization.  If I had the luxury of time I’d watch them again with a different eye so I could do the reorganization myself.
  3. 10 quizzes (testing) Complete.  Hey mom, I got an A+!
  4. 6 hours of triad practice (testing) Last session is tomorrow.  This is absolutely the best part of the IHCPT program.  Nothing makes me more confident that I’m moving in the right direction than actually practicing the craft.  It is empowering to all participants.  After the generally positive experience with my nutrition certification, I don’t know how any coaching professional can be certified without real practice.
  5. Optional content development (feature) I made a lot more progress here than I had hoped.  I learned a lot about the current state of web content development, something I haven’t touched in years.  I’ve made improvements in the website navigation, have developed my own custom features (transportation planning tool  😆 progress comparison table).  I added some specific pages on the services L4 will provide.  I made a Facebook page that I will transition to (and away from using my personal page).  Finally, I’ve been working on automating my initial client assessment process.  I have a set of paper-based assessment forms that I’ve collected.  I’ve converted them into PDF forms and plan to link them to a database.  Ultimately I’d like to automate that whole process and make it more context sensitive.  This last item is a huge project but the payback will be even more huge.  It’s not that it’s rocket science but it is time consuming.
  6. Optional peer review (testing).  Feedback on the website and blog has been positive.  Thanks to those who have provided it.  Remember, I’d like to hear what I’m doing wrong to including picayune typos and grammar errors.  Like I’ll be very disappointed if no one points out the incorrect use of “to” that I just did.  Pedants welcome!  In March I plan on expanding my testing by doing an actual alpha test of the Nutrition Coaching component.  Stay tuned.  To those of you who have already reached out, you will get first dibs.
  7. Embedded practice.  Note that I apologize in advance if you become a victim of my new-found listening and questioning skills. I still have a long way to go here but that is the nature of developing new habits.  I did spend a great deal of time doing some career coaching with a colleague and the skills I’ve learned came in handy.
  8. Documentation development (what you’re reading now).  Needless to say, I am not falling short here.  You probably are seeing more than you could ever read.

In the next couple days I expect I’ll do one more health content post.  I’m planning to write about the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training.  I have a backlog of health content posts I want to do on eating food that you prepare (aka cooking), so called “clean eating”, feeling secure and how that impacts your health, mindfulness and coaching technology.  I will probably defer that last one because I’ve just been selected to be a beta tester for an exciting new wearable fitness tracker/health coaching service.  I want to see how that plays out.


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