Blown Away – The Sequel Nobody Requested

After completing day 2 of the first onsite session of the Duke IHCPT course, the honeymoon still seems to be on.  Despite all attempts to stoke my cynical flames with “mindfulness” practice, we had an excellent session.  There was the perfect mix of lecture, exercises, demonstrations, and healthy distraction.  I remain uber-impressed by my classmates.  They are intelligent, kind, sincere, interesting, and interested.

While I poke fun at the mindfulness practice.  I recognize its role in the overall training and respect any of my classmates need or desire to address this aspect of “good health.”

Meanwhile we each had our own first experience as a coach during which we were asked to employ some specific Q&A and listening tools with a classmate.  I feel my listening skills were more than sufficient but my line of questioning when I was the coach felt very unnatural and awkward.  And this is why we practice.

On the personal side, despite the Duke loss to Miami at home, I got to spend the evening with a classmate from my undergrad days.  It was nice to have the company, and great to catch up.  I had let one of me IHCPT classmates know about this extra-curricular plan and he happened to wander into the sports bar where we were watching the game.  He was a great addition.

My enthusiasm for the opportunity I have given myself remains.

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