Blown Away – Day 1 of Duke Integrative Health Coach Professional Training

Blown Away is the best description on how Day 1 of the Duke IHCPT course effected me today. It was a long day that included a fair amount of homework so I won’t get into too much detail. The lightening round summary is:

  • Facilities are first class.
  • Administration and management of the class is efficient. No time is wasted.
  • Teachers are knowledgeable, interesting and keep the class under control.
  • Materials are well organized
  • Fellow classmates all want to be there. It is diverse, smart (but they let me in anyway), and motivated. We have a lot to learn from each other.

Tonight we had about 100 pages of reading to do. I don’t know how much sunk in given how action packed the day was.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I’m due for a fast day (as in no eating) but I don’t want to risk going into a low blood sugar haze. I’ll plan on sticking to the fast but be prepared to break it.

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