Anger Management Issues – A Karma Sense Update

Executive Summary

This is another mid-week update to fill the vacuum between installments of the Karma Sense Eating Plan (KSEP) series.  I’m not claiming that you miss my updates, but I sure miss writing them. A number of situations have caused me to take a brief hiatus in doing something that makes me healthy, happy and I believe, saves the world. And that thing is writing about the Karma Sense Eating Plan. This update covers something that made me angry and how I recovered, something that should make all of us angry, and the usual announcements on KSEP administrivia.

Worse Day Ever Part 2

Back in May I posted about the worst day in my professional career. I was vague about what happened. I work at a public company and it is not business that should be disclosed. This week I was informed that due to a miscommunication, there will be more of the same bad mojo. Not as much as last time, so it doesn’t qualify as a new worst day. But enough to put someone who was already in a foul mood into a very dark place.

I was already in a foul mood for the usual reasons. Pet peeves. Don’t ask me which ones. I have so many I could run a peeve menagerie. But this miscommunication was the last straw.

I was angry. Ask anyone who knows me, I have one of the longest fuses ever designed but when the bomb goes off, the fumes last for days. Weeks!

Then I realized some things. My anger was due to a story I concocted. I strung together a bunch of $hitty events and let it define the moment. I ignored the positive things that happened in parallel with the negative. The people on my team who rallied together to find solutions to the issues big and small. The loved ones who reached out to me randomly and totally out of the moment. The people who had no obligation to help me get some issues addressed but hung out and did so anyway. Why not focus on those events instead?

So I did. And then I took it one step further. With the Karma Sense Eating Plan in mind (see Sense component), I overtly expressed my gratitude to the people who had my back. It’s an easy thing to do and one that should be second nature but I historically took it for granted.

My mood improved quickly. Was it the expression of gratitude? Was it the simple decision to not let unrelated negatives define who I am at the moment? Who cares? I felt better. Placebo effect or not gratitude is known to positively affect happiness and health. It’s science, yo!

But Enough About My Anger…

Here’s something we should all be angry about. Politics and special interests have way too much influence in our food supply. I tend to harp on this a lot, but my latest obsession is about how this impacts our kids.

The U.S.  Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requires school meals with a specific mix of nutrients and limits on ingredients deemed as bad. I won’t argue for or against the validity of this mix even though I disagree with some of it. Instead, what concerns me and others is that there is no limit on the amount of added sugar a school meal can contain. Combine that with tight budgets and unfair subsidies provided to the sugar and corn industry and you get a recipe for obesity. A study by the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health found that many school lunch programs lean heavily on foods with added sugars.

In this case, anger is well-spent if it motivates you to do something about it. Contact your representatives in Congress and tell them we need to get the politics out of our food policy. This means:

  • Eliminate subsidies that create artificial demand for sugar.
  • Recognize current science on the value of fat in the diet and the danger of excessive carbohydrate intake.
  • Provide more transparency on the influence of agribusiness in establishing food policy.

These are public health issues that are costing taxpayers money and lives. If it will get you involved, get angry! There is no sugar coating this one.

Mantra #4 Hack

The description of mantra #4, Eat Whole Food Carbohydrates After Vigorous Exercise discussed how to time your carbohydrate intake in a way that minimizes fat gain. A recent study by the Weill Cornell Medical College found that study participants who ate their carbohydrates after eating proteins, fats, and vegetables had lower insulin spikes than people who ate their carbohydrates first.

So once again I get to smile smugly at my family who always made fun of me as a kid for eating the food on my plate one food group at a time!

It Definitely Would Not Make Me Angry If…

…you navigated to this link and selected the Karma Sense Eating Plan in the Little Bits Side Projects contest. I am intent on making the Karma Sense Eating Plan a book. The book version will include real live editing by an adult, better art, and more in-depth research on the Karma and Sense aspects of the overall plan. It also will include case studies based on real live people who can tolerate my mindless pop culture references for more than 10 minutes at a stretch.

This is going to happen whether or not I win this contest, but winning will probably keep me from having to beg on street corners. So please vote for my side project. Once published, all Karma Sense Eating Plan proceeds will be donated to hunger based charities.

Coming Up

Last week we took a hiatus in issuing Karma Sense Eating Plan content to celebrate U.S. Independence Day. We’re back on schedule for the next installment, mantra #5, Eat Good Fats Daily and Get a Balance of the Different Types of Good Fats. It was written before I lost my sense of humor so if you enjoyed the previous posts, you will definitely like getting permission to eat fat again. Look for it this weekend.

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