We’re Changing Our Name

For the past few weeks, you may have noticed this on the Live Long Lead Long website.


Now that I released The Karma Sense Eating Plan (which you can purchase here), it’s time to move onto other projects. With  “Karma Sense” as a linchpin of the Live Long Lead Long brand, Im changing the name of the website to “Karma Sense Wellness.” The implications of this change are multifold:

  1. Temporarily decrease my opining on the blog.
  2. Sudden outages of the website as I do the transition. What better time to have website outages than when you’re trying to pitch a book?
  3. A new website strikingly devoid of content while I’m trying to get my crap together.

Folks, I do all this on my own while holding down a full-time job and living a full-time life. So please be patient. Meanwhile, if you want a sneak peek, look here. And please, tell me what you think.

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