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Let’s Go Meta! – Some Infrastructure Changes to

Executive Summary

This post is a meta-post. It’s a post about posting.

What’s Up

Now that I’ve completed my transition from part-time purveyor of everything healthier, happier and world saving to “all-in, all the time,” I’m reorganizing much of the way I deliver content. There are plenty of new features planned but they require some investment and time.

What this means if you’re a subscriber is you’ll see changes in the way you get updates on new posts. I’m trying to lock in on the right content plan including subject matter, media, cadence, and design. You recently received a short survey from me and I thank the many of you who completed it.  Please keep the comments coming. If you like a change or don’t, let me know.

You also always have the option of unsubscribing. I hate to lose you but if you’re not getting any value, then I think it best we go our separate ways. In the end, I know it isn’t you. It’s me. I haven’t had an unsubscriber yet but I know it’s inevitable and I’m mentally prepared.

Coming Up Next…

The skinny on fake sugar (i.e. artificial sweeteners). This is the follow on to my recent post about the real thing.

And, if you haven’t yet reviewed “The Karma Sense Eating Plan” but don’t want to miss out on a chance to help a brother out, you can quickly enter one here. Thank!

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