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Meet the Metas – a Blog About the Blog

Executive Summary

As stated early on in the stream of consciousness which is this blog, its intent is to start off describing the journey for a later-in-life career change.  So as it relates to what is posted here, the content should be of 3, maybe 4 types.

  1. The process of becoming a health coach, the personal development it requires, and the conflicts with my current career.
  2. The process of establishing the infrastructure around an independent health coaching practice (the business side).  This stuff is meta because it’s information about the information about becoming a health coach. (The previous sentence contains no typos.  It is correct albeit difficult to parse)
  3. Useful health and wellness content including tips for adopting healthy practices that are compatible with your lifestyle.
  4. The occasional brain-fart for when I get a bug up my ass about something off-topic (optional and hopefully rare).

Initially the content will mostly fit in category 1 with category 2 and 3 being a distant second.  Eventually, category 3 will dominate as I begin engaging with clients to see what works for them.

The rest of this post is clearly in the second category and may only be of interest to people who may be in need of some Just-In-Time technology or business learnin’.


There are two main projects in the Meta task.

  1. Setting up the business infrastructure
  2. Setting up the technical/IT infrastructure

In my past life I have a lot of experience in the first item but it was all baptism by fire.  We had a startup in the Medical Informatics/Healthcare IT sector which we eventually sold.  Startups being startups we had no infrastructure at all.  We needed to incorporate in the US, setup payroll in multiple states, be prepared to file taxes, invoice customers, collect, manage payables and so on.  There were many unique issues related to us initially being a Belgian entity before we moved to the US.  These problems were hard and they all fell on me as COO.  I don’t expect the infrastructure for what will, at least initially, be a sole proprietorship to be as complex.  We’ll see.

The second item is more of an education process to me.  I am confident about my ability to get there but I got some learnin’ to do, simply because I haven’t had to focus on this stuff for a while and the pace of technology changes so quickly.  This category includes:

  1. Web presence – Domain Setup, eBranding, Content Development, etc.
  2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – 4L isn’t going to need something heavy-duty here.  I do have some ideas of applying technology in a clever way here to better manage the practice and I want to explore these ideas.

Posts that covers Meta will be in the 2.0 Infrastructure  category and will usually be tagged as Health Coach Business.  For those not interested, those should be red flags of posts to avoid.  My purpose for posting these is to keep a public record of what I’m doing (without divulging anything that should be private or secure) and to help anyone else who may be 5 minutes behind me in the process.


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