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Duke Certified Health Coach – Please, Help a Brother Out!

As a fully trained, authorized and bonded health coach, I help others in their journey towards optimal health. In March of 2017, I’ll complete the final step towards becoming a Duke Certified Health Coach through Duke University’s Integrative Health Coach program. Certification through the program allows me to reach the pinnacle of this noble profession.

Duke Certified Health Coach Background

I began this journey in November of 2014. To earn this certification, I completed many hours of class work, examination and testing. The final phase is an oral exam in which I simulate a twenty-five-minute self-contained coaching session with an instructor as my client. The instructor judges my performance on a number of criteria including an outcome in which my client commits to specific actions consistent with his or her focus.

How to Help Out This Brother

I need a crapload of practice. If you have a health goal you’ve been thinking about and want the motivation and focus to move to the next step, consider engaging in a laser coaching session with me.

This requires no more than thirty-five minutes of your time consisting of the following:

  • Five minutes of orientation
  • Twenty-five minutes of coaching
  • Five minutes of debrief

If you’re interested in helping a brother out AND taking the next steps towards your optimal health, send me an email or complete the form below and let’s see if we can get something going. This session costs you nothing or obligates you in any way.

Offer expires on February 28, 2017.

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