Transparency and The Karma Sense Eating Plan

Executive Summary

I donate all profits from the sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan, to Alice’s Kids.

Watch this space for the latest details on this pledge and to learn how we ensure good stewardship of the book’s finances.


Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$12,000Raised $9,977 towards the $12,000 target.$9,977Raised $9,977 towards the $12,000 target.83%The Karma Sense Eating Plan started off with a development budget of $7,500. I derived that figure from research at sites such as this one. The final product came in under budget at $5,157.

Thanks to those of you who already supported us, we are now in a position to make our first donation. Alice’s Kids receives all profits generated through January 31, 2020. The minimum guaranteed donation is $500.

The “Financial Thermometer” to the left depicts our progress towards increasing that donation and is updated quarterly. It includes all donation motivated through Karma Sense activities and not just income collected through sales of The Karma Sense Eating Plan.

Funds come via a variety of sources:

    1. Direct Sales
    2. Channel and Bulk Sales (e.g. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores, etc.)
    3. Alternate Channels (e.g. Gumroad for the PDF version)
  1. PayPal Donations (no books sent in exchange. Donate via the Donate button below. NOTE: PayPal page will indicate payment to Live Long Lead Long. All funds donated to Alice’s Kids.

The Financial Thermometer is updated every quarter and is currently valid as of September 30, 2020.

Karma Sense Advisory Board

The Karma Sense Advisory Board serves as an independent steering committee. We select board members based on their commitment to The Karma Sense Eating Plan’s mission of making people happier, healthier and saving the world:

  • Leslie Atkinson
    Health Resources and Services Administration, Office of Legislation Director
  • David Hellman
    Head Coach/Chief Wellness Officer
    LiveLongLeadLong, LLC
  • Susan Hellman
    Principal Planner
    City of Alexandria, VA
  • David L. Kim
    The IAMBIC Group
  • Cindy Sauber
    Independent Retail Sales Consultant

The board’s mission is to donate as much money to charity as possible. Given that mission, responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Participate in all marketing decisions relating to The Karma Sense Eating Plan with the aim of maximizing sales and profits without compromising the book’s mission or putting undue stress on expenses.
  • Monitor income and expenses associated with the creation and sale of The Karma Sense Eating Plan and provide good stewardship for all generated profits.
  • Manage distribution of the profits generated from The Karma Sense Eating Plan. This includes selecting the target charities.

The board selected Alice’s Kids as the first recipient of our donations. We donate all profits collected through December 31, 2019 to Alice’s Kids with a minimum guaranteed donation of $500.

I want The Karma Sense Eating Plan to provide a mechanism to give back, to save the world. The above infrastructure ensures that this is the case.