Judge This Book By Its Cover – A Karma Sense Book Update

Executive Summary

Karma Sense Cover

We’re less than ten weeks from the launch of The Karma Sense Eating Plan and things are really starting to come together. This post is an update on what’s happening with the book.

Cover Design

The biggest development is that the front cover design is complete. Artist Richard Demler, worked patiently with The Karma Sense board (it’s real thing that sprung from the crowdsourcing campaign) to come up with a simple, whimsical design that truly expresses the soul of The Karma Sense Eating Plan.

Content Development

100% of the content is written.


A third edit cycle is underway and will complete in the next few days. I anticipate one more edit cycle before reformatting for eBook and hard copy publishing.


I admit it. There are times when The Karma Sense Eating Plan seems like the mindless babbling of a madman. That may even be most of the time. But this mindless babbling is backed by a painstaking amount of investigation into the science of health, happiness, and world saving. The result is approximately 150 footnotes and end-notes to valuable resources and hundreds of years worth of research, journalism, and viewing of schlock television.


As part of this edit cycle, we’re developing the book’s index. This is not a simple procedure but Mrs. H, who among her many talents is also a former librarian, insists that an index be included. I agree. The book is so much more valuable if you can easily find all references to “Krebs cycle”, “Star Wars”, and “bacon-and-ranch-flavored-chocolate-covered-cheese-puffs.”


Most books, especially those targeted for print, include brief reviews right on the book jacket. I have some reviews already in and a major review is underway. I am looking for one more reviewer if you’re interested. To qualify, you must be:

  1. Be a health care professional or a published author of a book in the field of health or self-help.
  2. Able to complete your review by the second week of January 2016.

If interested let me know and I’ll send you a PDF of the 200 page manuscript (currently formatted for letter sized pages).

But So Much More Still to be Done

And with all that, there is still a lot of work to be done.

  1. Back cover and spine design.
  2. ISBN processing.
  3. Reformatting for 6 inch by 9 inch print format.
  4. Reformatting for ebook format.
  5. Edit cycle after each reformatting task.
  6. Creation of front matter and other ancillary information including medical disclaimers, acknowledgements, and fair use claims.

And all this needs to be done while working my day job. Fortunately I receive the encouragement and support from people like you. Thanks for helping me get the project this far.

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