The “Save the World…Through Donuts” Episode of The Foodcast is Now Live

In this episode of The Foodcast we meet Rob Krupicka, a tech entrepreneur and public servant who moved into the food service business, specifically donuts, so he could really make a difference. Rob takes us through the process of how he made this transition, how he manages risk by adding a twist to the standard donut shop model (hint: it involves cocktails), and how he designed his business from the ground up to make his community a better place.

Also, your host, Davey H, discusses the “Save the World” part of The Karma Sense Eating Plan and what intentional not-so-random acts of kindness have to do with food in the first place. All this and the usual shenanigans in this episode of The Karma Sense Foodcast.

00:19     Introduction

01:02     Rant – Save the World!

09:01     Interview – Rob Krupicka

37:45     Sugar Shack Tour

  • Facebook Live Feed In Sugar Shack Alexandria’s Neighborhood


A mystery resolved in the next episode of The Foodcast. #karmasensefoodcast #O #BeHappyBeHealthySaveTheWorld

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A Foodcast tour of Sugar Shack and Captain Gregory’s kitchen. #karmasensefoodcast #BeHappyBeHealthySaveTheWorld

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40:25     Wrap Up

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